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Lexis is a 'Lifetime' product



Introducing Lexis GTA, the freshest addition to the gaming scene that packs a punch like no other menu! Despite being a newcomer, Lexis is a powerhouse with an arsenal of robust kicks and crashes, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience. Safety is our top priority, and Lexis is equipped with formidable protections, guaranteeing you a secure gaming environment.

But Lexis GTA isn't just about power and safety – we believe in making your gaming sessions exciting and dynamic. With a plethora of fun features, Lexis transforms the game, injecting a dose of innovation and creativity to keep you hooked. Say goodbye to boredom as Lexis introduces a whole new level of entertainment to your gaming adventures.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate your gaming experience with Lexis GTA? Explore the potential of this dynamic menu, and let the thrill of its features redefine the way you play. Unleash the power, embrace the excitement, and dive into a gaming journey like never before with Lexis GTA. Your gaming experience just got a major upgrade!

Key features

• Motorcycle Stunts

• Spoofing Options
• Recovery Options (Make millions)
• Crashes and kicks
• Protections (The best)
• Fun Options
• 3D Ped Preview
• Trolling Options

... and much more!

How to redeem

  1. Simply head over to Lexis and locate your product key which can be found in your email or your order history
  2. Create an account on Lexis
  3. Once you have created your account redeem your key in the selected box
  4. You should get a notification telling you your key has been redeemed and you should see a download button
  5. You're now able to use Lexis! 


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Lexis Redeem Instructions

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