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Vital: Apex Legends Pro

Vital: Apex Legends Pro

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Are you tired of falling short in your Apex Legends matches? Look no further than Vital Apex Legends, the definitive gaming cheat engineered to take your gameplay to unprecedented heights. Crafted meticulously by our team of seasoned developers, this extraordinary cheat offers an extensive repertoire of mind-blowing features that will reshape the way you approach the game. Get ready to experience next-level accuracy with our groundbreaking Aimbot. Lock onto targets effortlessly and effortlessly dispatch your foes with unparalleled precision. With adjustable Aim Types such as Normal or Visual Target, you can adapt your aiming style to suit your preferences. Imagine lining up those perfect headshots with ease, thanks to customizable FOV Settings and the ability to draw your FOV on-screen for a visual reference. Take control by assigning a dedicated Aimbot Key that fits your playstyle, and adjust the smoothness of your aim using our innovative Smooth Settings, allowing you to fine-tune the speed and fluidity of your movements. No more worries about recoil or weapon sway as our cheat offers advanced features like No Recoil and No Sway, ensuring your shots hit their mark consistently. Even when you're knocked down, Vital Apex Legends has your back with specialized settings to help you turn the tide of battle.

Key Features

• Customizable Aimbot (Type, Smoothness, FOV)
• Customizable World ESP (Dropped loot, loot bins)
• Customizable Enemy ESP (box, healthbar, skeleton)
• Radar
• Loot Filter
• Skin Changer
• Recoil Control
• Sway Control
• Third Person
• Fully Undetected 

How to redeem

  1. Simply download our launcher and locate your product key which can be found in your email or your order history
  2. Open the launcher as admin
  3. Copy your product key to your clipboard, and right click on the launcher
  4. Press Login and wait until it tells you to open Apex Legends
  5. Follow the instructions the loader tells you
  6. You're now able to use Vital!


Specific References


Vital Apex Legends Loader

Download (3.8MB)

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