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Stand is a 'Lifetime' product



The Stand mod menu for GTA V is undeniably one of the most recognizable and top-tier options available in the market. Setting itself apart from others, Stand offers a truly unparalleled experience with an array of unique features.

One of the standout qualities of Stand is its exceptional stability and performance in the game, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience. Moreover, it boasts an impressive level of customization, allowing you to tailor the mod menu to your specific preferences.

Security is a top priority for Stand, providing advanced features that protect you from potential attacks by modders, ensuring a worry-free gaming session. Its user-friendly and polished interface makes navigation effortless, and the installation process is a breeze.

A remarkable aspect of Stand is its extensive language support, making it accessible to players worldwide. Additionally, it excels in co-loading compatibility, allowing you to use the mod menu alongside other features seamlessly.

What truly sets Stand apart is its exceptional polish, free from bugs and crashes commonly found in other menus. It goes above and beyond by introducing innovative features like Watchdog-style world modification and in-game augmented reality. Furthermore, Stand offers the convenience of a web interface, enabling you to access it via your web browser or smartphone.

With support for ASI Mods and LUA Scripts, Stand opens up infinite possibilities for customization and functionality, giving you the power to enhance your GTA V experience like never before. 




Rockstar ID Tools
Skip Prologue
Unlock All Achievements
Story Mode Only
AR Notifications
Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
Remote Control
Bone ESP
Everything from Basic
Session: Thunder Weather
Breakup & Confusion Kicks
Host Kick & Desync Karma
World Editor
Player Magnet
Hide Session
Player Bar
Bone & Name ESP
Paste In Chat Message
Web Interface
Become Script Host
Everything from Regular
Session Browser
Session Scripts Manager
Mugger Loop
Full Session Spoofing
Track Players
Block All Joins
Block Spoofing
Crash Reaction
Chat Spammer

How to redeem

1. Create your account at

2. Follow the instructions on the page (save your account id, etc.)

3. Once you're on the account dashboard, you can press "Download Launchpad." Your anti-virus might be causing you some trouble there.

4. Run the Launchpad. See if you're having trouble with that.

5. Ensure GTA V is running then inject Stand using the Launchpad.

6. Click on the activation key from 


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Stand Redeem Instructions

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