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Ovix: GTA 5

Ovix: GTA 5

Ovix is a 'Lifetime' product


Ovix stands out as the most affordable mod menu you'll ever come across, offering a comprehensive array of features to cater to all your modding needs. It's the ideal choice for embarking on your modding journey at an exceptionally low cost, boasting a multitude of impressive functionalities. It's the perfect blend of enjoyment and fascination all rolled into one.

Ovix distinguishes itself with its user-friendly mod menu, featuring an intuitive user interface, an abundance of customizable options, the promise of exciting future updates, and unwavering stability. This menu boasts a distinctively comfortable interface, replete with numerous choices for enhancing vehicles, weaponry, online experiences, player interactions, customization, recovery options, and much more. With Ovix, you can effortlessly inject funds into your account, making it the ultimate resource to kickstart your modding adventures. Ensure that you maximize the value of your money and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Key features

• Custom Wardrobe (premade outfits, cloud outfits)
• Model Changer • Entity Spawner (for all vehicles, objects, and peds) • Enhanced Recovery (give yourself billions) • Map/Vehicle/Player Object Builders (all objects) • ASI Script Loading • Gun Weapons (gravity, entity, explosions + more) • Enhanced and customizable ESP • Emotes, Scenarios, and Animations • Highly-configurable Theme Engine ... and much more!

How to redeem

  1. Simply head over to Ovix and locate your product key which can be found in your email or your order history
  2. Register an account on their website
  3. Enter your key given to you upon purchase into the given field
  4. You should get a notification telling you your key has been redeemed and you should see a download button
  5. You're now able to use Ovix! 

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